War of Rights Wiki

Players can select a historical regiment to serve in. The following Regiments will be sorted by the page of the selection screen from the Drill Camp map.

Infantry Regiments[]

Page 1 Units:
13th Alabama
3rd Alabama
4th Alabama
6th Alabama
8th Alabama
5th Alabama Battalion
3rd Arkansas
8th Florida
Page 2
13th Georgia
18th Georgia
1st Georgia
20th Georgia
2nd Georgia
6th Georgia
1st Louisiana Zouaves
6th Louisiana
Page 3
9th Louisiana
18th Mississippi
2nd Mississippi
13th North Carolina
14th North Carolina
18th North Carolina
20th North Carolina
23rd North Carolina
Page 4
27th North Carolina
2nd North Carolina
4th North Carolina
5th North Carolina
1st NC Sharpshooters
12th South Carolina
17th South Carolina
2nd South Carolina
Page 5
3rd South Carolina
Hampton Legion
Holcombe Legion
Palmetto Sharpshooters
14th Tennessee
1st Texas
4th Texas
5th Texas
Page 6
13th Virginia
18th Virginia
30th Virginia
33rd Virginia
56th Virginia
5th Virginia
1st Virginia Battalion
22nd Virginia Battalion
Page 7
1st Virginia Cavalry


Page 1 Units:
Battery Balthis
Battery Blackshear
Battery Bondurant
Battery Boyce
Battery Braxton
Battery Brockenbrough
Battery Brooks
Battery Brown
Page 2
Battery Carlton
Battery Carpenter
Battery Courtney
Battery Daquin
Battery French
Battery Jordan
Battery Lane
Battery Manly
Page 3
Battery Maurin
Battery Miller
Battery Pelham
Battery Poague
Battery Read
Battery Reily
Battery Richardson
Battery Squires
Page 4
Battery Wodding